Enduring Excellence in Learning, Leadership, Innovation, and Service

2020-2021 Annual Appeal Donors

David and Nancy Aichholz
Steve Akers 
Kathleen and Craig Alexander 
Noah and Valerie Allen 
Arague Alvarez 
Sharon and Rick Amato 
Jennifer Anders 
Carrie Arul 
Ray and Kelly Attiyah 
Jon and Teresita August 
Nancy Bahner 
Rosemary and Malcolm Ballard 
Sarah and Chip Barrett 
Phil and Suzanne Beck
Bradley Bell 
Jane and Larry Bennett 
Kathy Bernard 
Ross and Sarah Bextermueller 
Marci and Gary Blachman
Kathryn Blankenship 
Steve Boeh
James Braddock 
Raechel Bricker 
John Bridgeland 
Margy and Mark Budig 
Stephanie Busam 
Andrew and Izah Byer 
Amy and Joe Campa 
Dr and Mrs Michael Cardosi 
CLH Foundation 
Mike and Carolyn Collette 
Shannon and Trent Compton 
Emily Conner
Lisa and Jeff Consolino 
Maureen and J. D. Corl 
Cindy Crilley 
Barbara Cummins 
James Cunningham 
Jeff Damadeo 
Mick and Jessica Davis 
Catherine and Michael Davison 
Chris and Erin DeBow 
Toral and Harsheel Desai 
Erika and Shane Dever 
Gary Diekmeyer 
Jeff and Sue Dilbone 
Robert and Tina Dinga 
Lauren and Mark Donohoo 
Bev Dorenbusch 
Mark and Anne Durket
Robert Eaton 
Binh Edwards 
Jim and Melanie Elkin 
Debbie and Marc Ericsson 
Jen and Ed Faber 
Andrea and Paul Farley 
Ray Faulkner 
Dan and Jodi Feigelson 
Xiohong Feng 
Margaret Brooks Fish 
Mohab and Susan Foad 
Kerry Foley
Donald Fowls 
Carrie Friedberg
Robert and Pamela Fringer 
Susan and Michael Galbraith 
Matt and Linda Gawne 
Gaurang Ghandi
John Gibson
Robert and Sharon Gill 
Steve Ginn 
Louise and Bill Gioielli 
Paula and Todd Gottdiner 
Mike and Karla Griggs 
Jen and Benjamin Hall 
Daniel Hammer
Todd and Missy Hardy 
Evan Heckel 
Mary Beth and Daniel Heilbrunn 
Jeffrey and Myse Heinichen 
Jennifer Herzog 
Tad and Kate Hinckley 
Kep Hinsch 
Helen Hogan
Christine and Alan Hollatz 
Scott and Allison Holzapfel 
Eddie and Theresa Hooker
Pam and Neil Hoynes 
Sherry Hubbard 
Alissa and Joseph Huschart 
Seth and Caroline Isaacs 
Donita Jackson 
Carol Jackson 
Len and Abbie Jacobson 
Elizabeth Jahns 
Greg Johnson
Doug and Elizabeth Johnston
Holly and Barrett Jones 
Kevin Joseph 
Frankie and Matt Josephic 
Jim Jurgensen 
John Kassar 
Zachary Kempton 
Dan and Mimi Kennedy 
David and Samantha Kereiakes 
Cynthia and Kelly King 
Richard Kline
Lori and Tom Klinedinst 
Jane Knudson 
Robert Knueven
Susie and Kirk Koennecke 
Kenneth and Ruby Krantz 
Patty and Tom Kreitinger 
Hilary and Tim Kremchek 
Andrew and Susan Krott 
Bernie and Cathy Kurlemann 
Bill and Susan Lange 
Janet and Gary Langhorst 
Tami and Phillip Lanham 
Nicholas Larsen
Phoebe Lawson 
Shellie Leder
Tracy Lemoncampbell 
Erica Leppert 
Greg and Amanda Leszczuk 
Jessica Levine  
Jeff and Annie Lewis 
Michael Leyland 
Jennifer and Bill Lightcap 
Sarah Lucas 
Molly and Ted Lucien 
Jeffrey and Laura Mackey 
Jane Mactaggart 
Kara Mangan
Michael Marek 
Katie Markesbery 
Jeremy and Elizabeth Mason 
Marc Mazorow 
Leslie and Scott McCabe 
Martin McClintock 
John and M.J. McClure 
Anne and Tim McIntyre 
Janet and Alan McMillan 
Jennifer and Rusty McNair 
Tesfit Mehansho 
Vickie Mendoza
Patrick and Jessica Messerschmitt 
Barbara and Richard Messinger 
Pamela Middendorff 
Mark Miller 
Beth Mitchell 
Anu and Shekhar Mitra 
Marcus Molea 
William Moore 
John Morgan 
William and Sara Morgan 
Brad and Jennifer Motz
Brian Murphy 
Rohit and Rajeshri Nayak 
Cindy and Todd Neumann 
Scott and Gail Nichols 
Lisa and Ryan O'Brien 
Lisa Obrien 
Robert and Mary Orben 
John and Emily Overton 
Michael Pfister 
Allison and Brian Phelps 
Mark and Betsy Phillips
Brad and Elizabeth Pierce 
Michael and Molly Poling 
Jarrod and Erica Pontius 
James Powers 
David and Lesley Quattrone 
Keith and Stephanie Rabenold 
Beth Rabenold 
John and Linda Rabius 
Ashley Randall 
Sheila and Gary Reich 
Dewey and Ellen Renneker 
Kitsa and Robert Rhoad 
Jane Rieger 
Brent and Kate Rippe 
Roxana Rivera 
Buffie and Eppa Rixey 
Patti and Kurt Rothfuss 
Hodon Ryu 
Arrianna and Steve Sacks 
Philip Said 
Janet and William Sarran 
Shirley Scharfenberger 
Raymond and Lynda Schilderink 
Jay and Kendahl Schloss 
Whitley and Greg Schoeny 
Laurie Schott 
Mark and Renee Schumacher 
Chad and Jessica Scott 
David Seibert 
Roberta Seidelmann 
Rachel and Steve Sheridan 
Monique and Mike Sewell
Marsha and John Shields 
Lawrence Shields 
Jeff Smith 
Mark and Kristin Sneider 
Ken Stegman 
Martha and Joe Stephen 
Melissa Stewart 
Christine and Andrew Strickland 
Holly Strike
Andy and Chris Swallow 
Norma Tassian 
HB and Jeni Thomas 
David and Kathy Turner 
Patricia and Nicholas Van Ausdall 
Carrie & Mike Vanden Boom 
Kelly Vaughan 
Jim Vockell 
Barbara Voelkel
Dan and Melanie Vollmer 
Bebe and Phil Vollmer 
Barbara Watson 
Leanne and Jacob Wegrzyn 
Mike and Jerri Wentz 
Steve and Susan Whaley 
Dick and Heather Williams 
Tom and Jenny Wilson 
Lisa and Adam Wolter 
Damia and Weiwen Yang 
Janice Zahn 
Toby and Amanda Zou 
Tal Laor and Steve Zucker 
Thank you for supporting Bold Philanthropy through the IH Foundation Annual Appeal.  This list represents donors, in alphabetical order,  August 1, 2020 through May 10, 2021.  We apologize for any errors or omissions.  Please contact us at [email protected] to update your listing.