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Senior Breakfast
By Indian Hill High School Senior Experience Journalist Tara Keenan
Yet another Indian Hill tradition is Senior Breakfast: an entire senior class gathered in the cafeteria, taking in our last fleeting moments of high school. It’s easy to disregard these small traditions, to not participate because it’s not worth your time or you have better things to do. But that is one of the things that makes our community so great, looking around the room you see so many friends, so many people excited to just spend time with their grade and make the most of their time here. Although a senior breakfast may not seem important, every moment becomes important when we have so little time left. Every person at Indian Hill is invested in making our school a better place – a place where we enjoy spending time. Coming to these somewhat small events is a part of what makes our school so unique and special.

Indian Hill prides itself on tradition and spirit. Our school strives to incorporate these things into everything we do, even something as small as breakfast. After graduation, these are the moments we’ll remember forever; the breakfasts, the dances, and the trips. We only have a few fleeting moments left; senior trip, prom, and our last times spent with the people that make this school so amazing. One thing I’ll remember from these experiences is how proud the students were to be a part of such an amazing school. It’s little moments like these that remind me how lucky I am to have spent my high school years surrounded by a community as great as Indian Hill.

Photo caption: Indian Hill High School Senior Breakfast takes place on Fridays throughout the school year.