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May 26 Update: Indian Hill Sports & Activities

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Recently Governor DeWine announced an amendment to the health orders impacting school-aged student participation in sports and activities.

Indian Hill is working to develop our District protocols to address these changes, including the safety guidelines for our local school District staff, and visiting organizations.

It will take more time to operationalize our plan, beyond the newly announced May 26 date for skills training. Our campus will remain closed for all activities through June 5. We intend to amend our stance on all campus facilities and grounds being closed completely through June 30. We will share more detailed information in the coming week.
However, please note that we will only ease campus closure rules when:

1. We learn more about the State school orders for the summer/fall. (This is TBA.)

2. We can effectively implement NFHS/OHSAA safety guidelines as unique Indian Hill Guidelines – which may require professional training of our staff, and educational sessions for students.

3. Each coach or activity supervisor has a verified communication plan signed off on by the Athletic Director or Principal for off-season “contact period” activities and proper contact tracing; also, guidance that is aligned to our District safety communications and protocols.

4. Each coach or activity supervisor has a written plan for proper supervision and accountability for the use of each unique activity venue on our grounds, based on Ohio Department of Health Orders for social gathering numbers on school grounds.

5. Each coach or activity supervisor has concluded an online communication meeting with student participants and shared the documented information with parents.

We ask for your patience in the coming days so that we may safely reopen parts of our campus for use. The safety of our students, staff, and families is at the center of our decision-making. Thank you.


Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill Schools