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IHHS Winter Homecoming

By Indian Hill High School Senior Experience Journalist Tara Keenan

A second chance at our favorite time of the year: winter homecoming. Although smaller than the last, in many ways winter homecoming is even better than the first. First, spirit week. Maybe the most fun week of the year, the entire school dresses up in whatever crazy themes the student government chooses. We also keep all other homecoming traditions alive, starting with the game. With football season being over, the homecoming game becomes the Friday night basketball game. Our entire school getting together in one gym, celebrating our amazing team and their valiant effort on homecoming night; this may be the most exciting and important game of the year. Then finally, Saturday night; the dance. With the theme being 80s, all grades do their best to dress up and end up making the dance floor one of the most exciting we’ve ever seen, with every inch of the room decked out in neon colors. We dance for hours until eventually going home, exhausted, but happy with the excitement of the night.

Now over halfway through the year, there aren’t many more moments like this to enjoy before we all part ways. Next year in college, we will look back on these pictures and reminisce on our best memories from high school. Our hard work will have paid off, and we’ll all be where we’re supposed to be. Although things seem so uncertain right now, soon we’ll all figure out where we’re going to school and life will start to seem a little less daunting. With decisions already rolling in, a couple of months will go by and everyone will have made their decision about where they want to spend the next four crucial years of their lives. I’m excited to see where my friends and my classmates whom I’ve grown so close to will end up next year.

Photo caption: Senior Tara Keenan with friends at winter homecoming.