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COVID-19 September 10 Update: IHES & IHMS students tested positive

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The Indian Hill School District was informed that an Indian Hill Elementary School (IHES) student and an Indian Hill Middle School (IHMS) student have both tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently under isolation. It has been determined by the District’s contact tracer with the Hamilton County Health Department and by our building leaders that these students were in Close Contact with 27 other students: two from Indian Hill Primary School; nine from IHES; 14 from IHMS; and, two from Indian Hill High School. All of those students have been notified and requested to quarantine. Additionally, the students who tested positive were in Close Contact with two IHES staff members. Those staff members have been notified and requested to quarantine. Close Contact is defined as someone who has been within 6 feet of an individual for more than 15 minutes. 

These positive cases are not connected to the positive student case at IHMS we reported to you September 9.

September 9 Positive Case
We do have an update on the Wednesday, September 9 case. After additional investigation Wednesday evening by health officials, it was determined that three new IHMS students are considered Close Contacts. It had previously been determined by the District’s contact tracer with the Hamilton County Health Department and by our District nurse that the positive student was in Close Contact with five other students: two at Indian Hill High School, two at Indian Hill Middle School, and one at Indian Hill Elementary School. This additional information brings the total to eight students. All of those students have been requested to quarantine. Please note: This Close Contact with other students happened off campus. The IHMS student who tested positive is currently under isolation. Additionally, the student who tested positive was not in Close Contact with any staff members. 

Due to federal privacy laws, we are not permitted to provide the names of the individuals.

We want to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians of the importance of working with the District as partners in safety. Please note that any student who has been tested for COVID-19 cannot return to our campus until the results of the test are received. Parents or guardians of students, and school staff, are strongly encouraged to provide notice of a positive case diagnosis within 24 hours. Parents should call our COVID-19 Hotline at (513) 272-9698 and speak to District Nurse Shelley Hoyer, the designated COVID-19 Coordinator, to report positive test results. This tracking system will be monitored daily for updated reporting on COVID-19 cases.  

It is our responsibility to inform you as members of our Indian Hill School District community about all reports of positive COVID-19 test results that directly impact our District, and we will continue to share these important updates as needed.


Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District