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Heroes on the Hill

2019 Heroes on the Hill Presentation

Into Indian Hill Primary School, a building that is home to kindergarten, first, and second grade students, the “big kids” walked. Ten students representing Indian Hill Elementary School, Indian Hill Middle School, and Indian Hill High School – on campus to share the reason they have superpowers.

“No matter how tough life can be always try to have courage and kindness. My name is Roman Dean. I’m a fifth grade Brave, and I’m here to talk to you about my superpower – my heart.”

Roman Dean, like the nine others who wrote stories to share, was selected by his building’s counselor to address the young Braves.

“My HEART makes me feel like a super hero,” Dean told the students. “Sometimes my heart can be happy, sometimes sad, sometimes sensitive, sometimes frustrated, sometimes excited, sometimes discouraged … BUT my heart always wants me to be BRAVE.”

His Primary School audience was 40 students strong – each student a member of the Primary School Kids Who Care Club. These presentations by older students – collectively called Heroes on the Hill – have celebrated the final meeting for the club each school year for the past three years.

Roman Dean talked about his heart; other students shared superpowers that included compassion and perseverance.
“This is a way for our older Braves to help define for our young students what a hero really is,” said Indian Hill Primary School teacher Monica Dawkins, who sponsors the Primary School Kids Who Care Club. “This is a way for our Primary School students not only to let Elementary School, Middle School and High School students know that we look up to them but also to let them know that they are our heroes!”

Heroes like Roman Dean, who left the young Braves with this final thought, “I want you to think about a positive power that makes you feel like you are your own BRAVE super hero. Whatever that power is … make sure you are always kind to yourself and others, have courage, and remember being brave doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.”

Photo caption: Indian Hill Primary School Kids Who Care Club members with 10 student-presenters from Indian Hill Elementary School, Indian Hill Middle School, and Indian Hill High School for the Heroes on the Hill presentation.