A Brave Return to School 2020-2021
We are ready to welcome you back on Thursday, August 27, for a Brave Return to the 2020-2021 school year!
Please ensure your student's FinalForms are updated by August 27.

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Software Suggestions

What software choices are available?

One of the most exciting things about consistent student access to technology that makes this type of initiative truly valuable at this time is the incredible array of software available, much for freewith access to the internet. While some software use may be guided by the teacher, students will also be able to choose the tool they prefer to use to perform the task.  Below are a few options currently available, but more are added regularly so all are encouraged to regularly check the web for new options.

Office Software – word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tool+

Presentation Software

Organization Software

Other Software

Security Software * Anti-virus software is required to be installed on all windows computers brought to school