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BYO Technology

IHMS is a currently a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) learning environment. We expect each student will bring appropriate technology to class every day.

Indian Hill Primary and Elementary are successfully using district owned and managed Chromebooks.  These devices are cost effective from both an operational and management perspective.  The Middle School will provide district owned Chromebooks for incoming 6th graders beginning school year 2019-2020.  6th grade Chromebooks have additional filtering software called GoGuardian that works at both school and home.  

We recognize that supplying technology for students may be a challenge for some families. We are firmly committed to ensuring that each and every student at Indian Hill Middle School has access to technology that will support their learning. If a family is unable to provide their own technology, the Middle School will provide a device.  If a parent does not want their child to bring a device to school, that decision will be honored; the student will be expected to borrow a machine each day before schools starts from the library and return it before going home. Please be advised that if you have a functioning laptop at home that is in working condition and has wireless capabilities, this should be sufficient; it is not expected that you purchase new equipment.

We are making no specific recommendations by brand or vendor. However, please peruse all the system specifications before making your decision. The lowest price is not always the best in terms of functionality and durability. You will also want to consider warranty support. We typically purchase an extended warranty for our school equipment, but you may also want to consider an accidental damage warranty (which would cover things like a screen broken by accident, not typical wear and tear; or battery replacement as the machine ages). Back-to-school sales and Holiday sales will provide best pricing for this equipment.

We understand you may have questions about this program. To ensure we can answer your questions in the most efficient way possible, please use the following as guide for contacting the appropriate staff member:
Equipment Purchase/Technical Aspects

Instructional Use & Learning Implications

If your family would like to discuss assistance in providing equipment for your child, please contact: