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10-12 Scheduling

10-12 Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions for Grades 10-12 Scheduling

How many classes am I allowed to take?
You have a maximum of 7 periods to fill. You must have at least 5 full credits (PE does not count as a full credit). At least six classes are recommended.

Some courses will be year long and some will be only one semester long.

What classes are required?

Grade 10

  • English
  • American History
  • Math
  • Science
  • PE/Health 

Grade 11

  • English
  • Non-Western World History
  • Math
  • Science 

Grade 12

  • English
  • US Gov't and a second semester Social Studies
That leaves you with at least 2 periods to fill. One of these might be a Foreign Lang. class (Spanish, French, or Latin).

How do I choose the rest of my classes?
Look at the Graduation Requirements. Consider what you need to set yourself up for the ‘next step’ (college, work, military). Take some classes that interest you. Take some that will challenge you.

Graduation Requirements to consider:
You need to finish at least the second level of a foreign language You will need 2 credits (4 semesters) in Fine or Practical Arts. You will need one semester in Applied Technology (Computers) You will need one semester of Speech.

Never pick classes based these ideas: who might teach it or whether your friends will be in it.

After my basic requirements, what will colleges like to see me take?
At least four years of math and science. They want to see you challenge yourself with difficult courses but also take ones that interest you. They do NOT want to see you just take the minimum or a full schedule of easy classes. Find the mix that is good for you and your next step.

Who do I talk to about the classes I choose?
There are lots of people to ask about what classes you should take:
Your current teachers, your parents, your HS Counselor, any other HS Counselor.

What if I’m not recommended for a course I’d like to take?
First, talk to your teacher and/or your counselor. Students can exercise a waiver. With a waiver, you, your parents, and your current teacher sign an acknowledgment that you intend to take the course despite the recommendation. You MUST stay in that course all year. Waivers should be considered heavily before used.

What is an Honors Diploma?
Your counselor discussed this during the session in English class. It is State of Ohio designation given on your diploma for fulfilling certain criteria involving your class selection and test scores. See your Braves Beat Student Planner for more details.

Why is there a distinction between “Fine” Arts and “Practical” Arts in our graduation requirement for Art?
First, you should know that you can take any of the courses labeled Fine or Practical Art to fulfill the Indian Hill requirement. The distinction has to do with the type of Art. Also, if you pursue an Honors Diploma, one of the requirements is a year of Fine Arts and this distinction allows you to know which courses qualify you for that.